Training in Thailand

Muay Thai’s history suggests that it has the origin in the Thailand. Many people from all around the Europe and America prefer to learn this art from Thailand. Muay Thai is an engrossing Thailand sport, which is now played all around the world. It is an internationally recognized sports which is played by the enthusiastic fighters. In this article we will discuss some important aspects related to the training of Muay Thai in Thailand in order to guide you somewhat. If you want to take training of Muay Thai from Thailand then you should keep the following things in your mind.

Choosing/Finding a Camp 

When you will reach Thailand, the firdt thing you have to do is to find a training camp. You will get to know about two types of camps there:

  1. Camps geared towards number of foreigners
  2. Camps geared towards less Foreigners and more locals

You should choose the camp geared with foreigners for your training as you will be provided with a good environment there and help during your training. You will be mentally more opened in these camps. Another thing that should be under your consideration is your level of experience in this art. These camps have many benefits for you as a foreigner as they contain better equipment of practice and champion trainers. It is difficult for the foreigners to get entry into Thai camps as they are present in the remote areas but if you are selected there then it will give you a best experience of ultimate Thai fighting. Apart from it, you may also find some small gyms which would offer the training of Muay Thai. You can also join them for you training if you find it good to be trained there.

Training Structure

Training of Muay Thai in Thailand is not an easy job to do, it will be the most tough, painful and exhausting experience of your life. But you will enjoy it a lot if you are willing to dedicate your time for this enthusiastic sports. During your training there you need to attend morning or evening session of running. You will be trained five to six days a week in the camps. There are different training schedule of each camp or gym but the common practices of all the gyms are as below (Two times a day i.e morning and evening sessions):-

  1. Running (15-30 minutes) or skipping rope
  2. Wrapping hands
  3. Stretching
  4. Technique drills of 30 minutes including combos, clinching, footwork etc.
  5. Heavy bag rounds of 4 minutes (5 rounds)
  6. Pad work with trainer for 4 minutes (5 rounds)
  7. Clinching drills of 4 minutes (3-5 rounds)

Apart from it you will be asked to do 10-20 pushups between each round. During the cool down you will be needed to throw more than 100 knees, elbows and round kicks to the heavy bag. You would also need to do as many sit ups and pushups as you would be able to do. After this you need to do end stretches, rehydrate yourself and eat food until the evening session begins.

In the beginning you need to go with your pace until your stamina builds for the hard drills. Do not go too hard from the beginning as it can make you sick during your stay at the Thailand.


When you feel, during your training, that you are ready for a fight then you need to ask your trainer to arrange a fight for you. Your trainer will arrange the fight for you and prepare you for the fight in the regional stadium. You will need to learn Ram Muay of your trainer and you will perform both the Wai Kru and Ram Muay before entering the ring. Music will be singing out to increase the tempo and volume of the fight. It will be a memorable experience for you surely.

About Thailand

Thailand is the most beautiful place to visit with wonderful beaches, historical places and sceneries. The foods of Thailand are delicious but you are advised to stay away from the sea foods as they can make you sick. You would need to keep your hydration level in control as the training will be highly sweaty so you should keep yourself away from grilled chicken also. The atmosphere will be hot and humid and it will be a challenge for you to control hydration level. Thailand is a safe place to travel and the people of Thailand are very friendly and playful. So you will surely enjoy your stay at this place along with enthusiastic training.