Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai is a very technical sport to play in the ring. You need to learn these techniques for the specialists in this field. We will discuss some important techniques in relates to Muay Thai in this article which will help you to improve your skills. The techniques are ranging from simple to advanced ones. You need to learn some simple techniques of Muay Thai, after that you need to go for the advanced ones. Muay Thai is associated with the use of elbows and knees for the defense. There is a whole range of techniques which can be used by the practitioners of Muay Thai in several ways. Muay Thai techniques are classified into different fields as:-

  1. Boxing Techniques
  2. Kicking Techniques
  3. Push Kicks (Teeps)
  4. Elbow Strikes

Let us discuss some of basic and advanced techniques related to each field.

Boxing Techniques

Muay Thai techniques are used in the boxing in which you have to attack on the opponent with punches and jabs as well as you also have to build a strong defense for yourself. Let us discuss some important techniques related to boxing in detail:-

Basic Punches

  1. Jabs

Jabs are basic element of boxing and it is most basic punch in Muay Thai. It can be used offensively as well as defensively to stop the opponent.

  1. Cross

The cross is known as the power shot. If you properly connect it, it will put fear on your opponent and it will hurt him badly. Technically it is straight right or straight left and it crosses over diagonally instead of straight.

  1. Hook

It is effective technique if you connect it on the chin of the opponent. It is also known as Knockout punch as the opponent cannot see it coming. The most common hook is thrown from the left side by an orthodox fighter.

  1. Straight Body Punch

It is done by the dominant hand of the player. A good and well setup straight body punch can put your opponent down for count down. You should not bend down too low when you throw this punch.

  1. Upper Cut

It is effective both in close range and at distance. It can easily make your opponent unconscious if thrown properly. It can be used by the backhand or lead. Power is generated from the core of the fighter.

  1. Overhead Punch

It is the technique which can be used by the fighter with his backhand. The momentum of this punch makes it most powerful punch of the rest. It also needs to be setup properly and effectively for gaining best results.

  1. Spinning Back Fist

It is the advanced technique of punching in which power is generated from the momentum of fighter’s spinning. This torque is used from the back of the Fist for proper and effective results.

  1. Superman Punch

It is another advanced technique which is very effective as it makes your opponent surprised. The fighter need to set it up properly to make sure that the opponent has fallen for a fake punch.

Kicking Techniques 

Now let us discuss some kicking techniques used in the Muay Thai.

  1. Body Kick

It is the most common and most used kick in Muay Thai. It is the most powerful attack on your opponent if it lands properly.

  1. Low Kick

It is also an important kick which is used by the fighter to drop his opponent down. It is known as a quite attack.

  1. Head Kick

It is an important kick to make your opponent conscious but it is risky if your opponent sees it coming and lean back. You will go out of position and attacked if it does not land properly.

  1. Straight and Axe Kick

Straight kick is landed on the face of the opponent and it uses front lead leg of the fighter. The target of this advanced kick is the jaw of the opponent. Axe kick is difficult to handle as it needs flexibility.

Push Kicks (Teeps)

Let us discuss some effective Push Kicks used in Muay Thai fight.

  1. Straight, Rear and Side Teeps

The teep is basically a foot thrust which is used similarly as a jab. The straight, rear and side teeps depend on the position of the feet. If the feet is straight it will be straight teep, if you are using rear feet then it will be rear teep and if you use side of the feet then it will be a side teep.

  1. Jumping and Slapping Teep

As the name suggest, jumping teep is performed while jumping in the air, so it generates more momentum and slapping teep is used as a downward motion. It is best way to mix up your arsenal of attack against your opponent.

Elbow Strikes

Now let us discuss some details about the techniques related to the elbow strikes used in Muay Thai.

  1. Horizontal, Upper-Cut and Slashing Elbow

Horizontal elbow is thrown horizontally on the opponent and the target is the jaw or chin of the elbow of the opponent. Upper cut elbow is used to penetrate the guard of the opponent and it is designed to be capable of that. Slashing elbow is designed to slash the guard of the opponent and to land on the face of him. It can cause huge damage to the opponent’s position and prove devastating for him.

  1. Backward and Downward Jumping Elbow

These are the advanced techniques used in the Muay Thai. It comes aims to hit the chin of the opponent and it can cause huge damage if lands properly. Downward jumping elbow strike is used to get close to the opponent and utilize the jumping motion to generate power.

From all the above discussion it can be concluded that by utilizing these techniques you can improve you skills related to Muay Thai. It will help you to know some basic and advanced techniques which are commonly used in this interesting sports.