Thai Boxing History

History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the cultural game of Thailand. It is related the martial arts of the region. The origin of this martial art dates back hundreds of year and it was developed as a game in which whole body of a person fights as a single weapon. The historians have confliction about the history of Muay Thai as the modern historians think that the important historical data was lost when Burmese fired Ayudhaya which was the capital of Thailand in the 14th century. They think that during the loot of Ayudhaya, the depositories of knowledge and temples were brutally attacked and during this most of the written history was lost. The data which was saved after this brutality is currently protected in the national treasures for Thai culture and heritage.

Origin of Muay Thai

The historians of the present age thinks that the origin of Muay Thai was centuries before when tribes migrated south from the China via Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Cambodia. Siamese (Tai) was one of the most important tribe of that time period who fought bravely and ferociously in order to survive as moving South. During these combats they learnt many technique and tactics due to the loss of life, hand to hand combats and continuous battles. This led the roots of a new fighting style within them which is known as Muay Thai now a days. Muay Thai has gone through a continuous evolution from its time of origin up to the present time. Older soldiers and fathers taught their children and sons about the defensive and attacking techniques. As Thailand was invaded many times by the Burmese, Cambodians and other invaders, this game evolved and got strong with the passage of time. During the World War II, this game got the attention of the Europe and America. These foreign soldiers found it quite interesting and after the World War II, Thai boxing was converted into a proper sports with proper rules and regulations.

Proud History of Muay Thai 

Muay Thai is a part of Thai “Heritage and History” from 2000 years. Apart from all the confliction in the History of this tremendous game, all the historians agreed at a point that this technique was purely for the self-defense and self-protection. This technique was implemented by the Thai Warriors and Soldiers for their protection and to get rid of the foreign invaders during the wars and conflicts. The history of this game lead us to the 15th century when the competitions started to arrange between the experts of this game all around the Thailand. Due to the huge interest of the people of Thailand, this game evolved as a great part time sports from them which laid the base of many training camps of this game all over the Thailand. In the past it was extremely dangerous game which most often resulted into the serious injuries for the players and competitors. After 1930 it changed into a safe game as rules and regulations were developed which changed the whole complexion of this sports. Now it is an international game with rules and regulations and people take it as ring sports (Muay Thai), fitness form (Muay Aerobic) and Self Defense Sports (Muay Boran). Now it is recognized worldwide as an interesting and enthusiastic sports to play for the fitness, competition and Self Defense.

From all the above discussion it can be concluded that the history of this sports is very interesting as the game itself. From its implementation in wars and battles by the soldiers and warriors, now it has reached into rings and everywhere in the world. It has passed through a continuous evolution in long and splendid history. It is a part of the Heritage and History of the Thailand and Thai people feel proud about it. The whole world is now taking amusement and advantages from this sports and it is now an internationally recognized sports and fitness technique.